Restore and repaint rusty metal Patio Furniture

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Patio furniture
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A restored and newly painted metal furniture instantly gives your patio a new look and fresh appeal. Restoring old paint and metal garden furniture seems to you like a difficult project, especially if your furniture is made of rusted metal, old and very elaborate, such as wrought iron. But thanks to the latest developments in coating technology, the restoration of an old metal cabinet today might be easier than you think and can be self-done as a weekend project. No need to throw away your old furniture and replace them with new, costly in September This article explains what is rust and how to treat, follow step by step guide to restore and repaint the metal garden furniture.'ll Also impressed with easy this weekend and met as a project.

1. About Rust

First we have to deal with rust. Most metal furniture at the end of rust, especially ifit out like that in your patio, garden or balcony. The exposure of the sun and rain can make paint look faded metal furniture terrace tired. If it still contains a small amount of iron, oxidized metal is exposed to air and moisture. Rust can easily form and reduce the appearance of your garden furniture. Oxidation of iron and steel is easy to recognize. It is distinguished by its reddish brown color and its tendency to flake or powder identified. Rust createsbubbles under the paint, finally erupting in lesions that erode the metal until it breaks. If there is rust on your metal furniture is best able to address not just one.

2. Prepare your metal furniture

The first step is to clean as much rust as possible. Start brushing with a wire brush along the large surface of metal furniture. Stiff brush. Do not worry, this does not damage the steel under the good old paint, butThis will remove loose flakes of old paint and rust. Try to remove pieces of paint or rust, which began to fall apart, the metal surface have as much as possible. This will give you the need to eliminate a smoother surface. You will see many scratches to the paint, but the new metal paint hides a lot of these deficiencies. Use a smaller one (like the head of an inch long) stainless steel wire brush in tight spaces. If necessary, a small file, in very tight spaces or even Dremel. You canBuy all types of brushes and files of your favorite hardware store.

The above steps manually remove the old paint and rust from metal furniture. If you decide to use products to remove rust then you do with the proper safety equipment and precautions. These products are based on some form of acid to get the job done and most are very toxic. Goggles and a respirator. This is your eyes and mouth can help protect against smoking. Also protective clothing and gloves. Makeadequate ventilation. Always follow the instructions and precautions on the label carefully.

Select the most convenient way to remove the rust.

To clean the dust, dirt and other abrasives, brushes from the surface of metal furniture with an old paintbrush. Clean with a damp cloth in a mixture of water and a detergent, but do not get wet metal. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and dry. The metal surface mustclean and complete for the background colors, as well.

3. Rust protection and primary metal

Use a type of primer and paint specifically made for outdoor metal. This color is resistant to bad weather and last up to several years. oil-based primer, with a better job of inhibition. Make sure the paint container has the words "rust", he would ask the seller if in doubt.

Primers are designed to prevent bond with the metal andIngress of moisture, rust, and once again, it reacts with the iron rust and capsules and significantly retard the corrosion growth.

Place the furniture on sheets of old newspapers to protect your work surface. Place layers of paper sheets up to 3 layers, each layer of tape on your desktop. This is extra protection in case of spill over to paint. Shake vigorously and begin the can of spray paint spraying, hold the canabout six inches from the furniture. start by identifying the area inaccessible and spray some color on it. This will cause the entire surface covered with paint and you're not missing "hidden" area. Work from top to bottom of your furniture. This will prevent the accumulation of drops of paint.

4. Paint

Once the primer has dried completely, you can paint the furniture painted with desired color. Apply morethin layers of spray paint with enthusiasm rather than one thick layer. Make sure that each layer dry completely before painting the next. Can follow the instructions on the can of paint over the entire length of time between the layers of color or their effectiveness may be reduced considerably. Apply coats of paint before the first drying can cause problems such as blistering, cracking and wrinkling of the paint.

The furniture can be painted or paint with a spraywith the brush. When it comes to casting metal or wrought iron, the thicker and heavier to get the color to your table and chairs, the better. So while it is easier to spray, it will take longer if you brush. Use a firm brush from the hardware store, wearing the color of your furniture metal patio A small brush work. Well for metal processing.

With your restoration project done, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. A job done rightDefinitely recommended, especially if it helps turn an eye sore in pre-worth admiring a new look garden metal furniture.


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